In memory of Henry Gruver:
 We met Henry Gruver for the first time back in the late 1990's in
 Portland, Oregon. It was either at a conference meeting sponsored by
 'The Prophecy Club' or at a church via an announcement on the Christian
 radio station, hearing of him coming to Portland. Anyway, he touched
our lives and made an impression by his beautiful stories of his
 spiritual warfare prayer walking, his times in Japan, the visions he
 had of future events to watch for, and the victorious outcomes to his
 prayers. His faith in our Heavenly Father was contagious. And now he is
at home, out of pain, surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, in the
 presence of our Lord, who has said to Henry "Well done, thou good and
 faithful servant." He shall surely be missed.
 Russell and Susan Oregon


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