I have been truly enriched and edified by this wonderful man's stories and adventures in Christ over the past years. He was always full of joy, even when
relating sad events. God used him to instill in me courage in the fight against the forces of evil.
 I remember many of his testimonies; the first few times he went prayer-walking and
encountered that gang-leader with the knife, the time he went into the mosque
during prayer and talked to the main imam, and how he confronted and bound in
chains the two fallen angels beneath the streets of Rome. God showed those
critters who the Boss is. Amen!
 You couldn't help but love brother Gruver, even if you had never met him. Is there any thing that you suggest to help his family?

 In Christ Jesus we are ever secure,
 Robert C.


  1. I was blessed to have Henry stay at our home. Just his presence invited peace to come inside. God used Henry mightily to touch all around him and lead the lost back to Jesus. All the stories that he shared in person, on recordings and in books are treasures to us that have them. The knowledge of Prayer Walking is a powerful gift that he gave to all he met. I know there is great rejoicing in heaven now with Henry going home. Our turn to arrive is not yet, we all have work to do and with Henry’s instruction we are better equipped. Thank you God for bringing Henry into our lives for a time! Tina


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