A true servant of the Lord who lived and walked with the Holy Spirit directing him. He is a true prophet of our Father God. I was blessed to be at some of his meetings in Montana and met a humble man who had a true sense of humor and walked with his God. You hung on to every word that he shared. He loved God and loved God’s people.



  1. Henry Gruber is a person you will not easily forget. His love of God, his humility and faithfulness are rare qualities and certainly heaven is rejoicing at having such a general in their midst. I loved his way of telling stories, stopping in the middle of one and starting another. You could hardly wait to get back to the one before. Like Paul he ran his race to the finish and received his crown. I can see him now running to put it at the feet of Jesus. “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”Rom 10:15. That was you, dear man of God.

  2. I never met Henry Gruver. But my triplet sister and her husband did. She even took a picture with him. She said he was so kind and loving and full of love. I have heard some of his testimonies and enjoyed every word of it. He truly will be missed. He was a great man of God.


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