I am so relieved to hear ALL the positive and glowing tributes about Henry Gruver. Years ago I found a YouTube video of Henry retelling his fantastic story of battling fallen angels in Rome (what??).I was really intrigued and set out to find out more about this man of God.One of the first things that popped up in the Google search was a ‘christian’site that dedicated quite a bit of its content to’exposing’ Henry Gruver. One woman detailed her not receiving her video order from Henry & Co. despite repeated emails and phone calls. His meeting with Ron Wyatt was also discredited with Ron supposedly saying Henry was a drunk and he first approached him penniless in Jerusalem by begging for money!
Henry’s critics even maligned his family.His kids were drug addicts and in trouble with the law. The site further denounced him as a fraud and a ‘windbag’Yikes.It was just vicious.Thank God for the sentiments expressed here by those who actually knew Henry and attest to his integrity and dedication to he Lord.
I consider myself a fairly discerning person and these deceptive ‘testamonies’ just didn’t seem to fit with this humble yet unforgettable man.The world is getting darker and I’m beginning to see that the real threat to true Christians is coming from our fellow ‘so called’ christian brothers and sisters.These character assassins who malevolently attempt to tarnish the reputations of those who are truly serving the Lord and making a difference in battling the Satanic realm.Henry,you had them scrambling in defense!
I started to attend church again about a month ago, only to find out that I won’t be able to attend anymore as Toronto has banned gatherings over 250.Our Prime Minister’s wife has tested positive for Corona virus. Trudeau himself is apparently in self isolation. Strange and prophetic times are upon us.
Thank you Steve Quayle (not spared of his own detractors) for continuing Henry’s legacy.God is using sites like these to reach many who are searching for truth.


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