Well, I am like one, coming just too late to the party! I never heard of Henry till about two weeks ago – (it is now 28 January 2020!!) But even though I have had minimal exposure to this man, I can say: “I love you, my brother!” John the baptist said of Jesus: ” I am not worthy to tie up his shoe laces!” This is how I feel about Henry – but more so! Henry has inspired me, and although I am now 66 years old, I am trusting God to do more in my life, so that I may be more fruitful. Aaah, I would like to say so much more! But I’ll leave it at that! To you, his children: I don’t know you guys, but I salute you. What a rich heritage you have! An eternal heritage. God bless you all !!! Andrew C. South Africa.


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