Henry Gruver , a man greatly used by God ! A man with such compassion for Gods people , and such humbleness . A man who feared the Lord , and reverenced his savior in all that he did . No , I never met Henry ! But , I will never forget him . I truly loved listening to him tell of his visions and stories of his travels serving God ! There are very few great men of God , but Henry was one of them . I am just now hearing his passing , and it saddens my heart. Not for henry , but for us ! He will forever be missed by so many . He touched countless lives while on his journey . I am blessed and grateful that I was one of them . I know he is shouting on the streets of glory and seeing our savior , face to face . Well done thou good and faithful servant ! For you have stayed the course and finished the race .My condolences for all of henry’s family and friends . May you all find ,when a tear falls off of your cheek, that a smile comes across your face , when you think of Henry . God bless you all , in Jesus name !


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