Henry Dell Gruver was born on July 24, 1942, to Henry and Lena (McClelland)
Gruver in Livingston, Montana; the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, soon
after his birth. One of seven children, he spent his childhood and youth
exploring the Sonoran Desert around the family’s small home. In 1960, he and
his future wife, Judith, were the first graduating class from the newly built
Paradise Valley High School. A strong athlete, he played football,
basketball, baseball, and ran track and field.
      Having a keen interest in electronic engineering, Henry first entered the
field working at a television repair shop. It wasn’t long before his boss
realized his talents and told him he was wasting his time repairing
televisions and needed to go where he could advance his skills. With this
little encouragement, he tenaciously applied for work at a small engineering
firm in Phoenix; diligently showing up every Friday afternoon for months
until he caught the attention of the owner and gained a position. When he
absorbed all he could from that job and advanced his skills, he went on to
work for Motorola in Phoenix and Electro Scientific Industries in Portland,

     In 1972, Henry was reunited with his high school classmate, Judith Lloyd.  On
February 17, 1972, the two married and united his four children and her two
children from their previous marriages. The young family moved from Phoenix
to Portland, Oregon, where Henry and Judith had seven more children together.
In 1990, the family moved to Iowa, settling in the Woodbine area.
      Henry first answered the call to serve the Lord on New Year’s Day 1961. When
he was just eighteen years old, he vowed for the whole year of 1961, “Lord,
one night a week I will take 100 gospel tracts into downtown Phoenix, and not
come home until I have personally handed them out.” By the end of February,
his enthusiastic start dwindled with discouragement at the sight of his
tracts being tossed aside as common trash. He cried out to the Lord for
something different to happen. The Lord replied, “When you walk and give out
tracts, only walk where and when you have full peace; and only give out
tracts in the same peace.”  This simple principle would develop one of the
most important phases of his life – prayer walking.
     In his late thirties, Henry retired from his career in electronic
engineering; he and Judith formed Joyful Sound Ministries and entered into
full-time ministry. With twelve children to support it wasn’t an easy
decision to quit his well-paying job and live on Faith, but God told him and
Judith to test Him for provision.  For six months, without telling another
soul, they progressively tithed the whole of his salary and watched God
provide for all their needs. They continued to live on Faith, not revealing
any needs, often financial provision would be the final confirmation in
leading them to ministry overseas.

     For more than fifty years, prompted by the Holy Spirit, Henry followed his
precious Jesus across the globe. A “Prayer Walker to the Nations” he walked
and prayed in over 70 nations, across 6 continents, and countless cities.
Through many trials and battles, the Lord brought tremendous testimonies of
miracles, salvations, healings, breakthroughs and revelations.

      Henry died on Thursday, October 10, 2019, in Scottsdale Arizona, at the age
of 77 years, surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and precious family
friends. He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Judith Gruver;
brothers, David and Gerald Gruver; and sister Caroline Moore. He is survived
by his 13 children, Ellen Stinson of Hillsboro ,IL, Robert (Tammy) Watts of
Salem, OR, Christine (Doug) Cox of Scottsdale AZ, Steven (Sally) of Moorhead,
MN, Cindy (Chris) Duffy of Chandler, AZ, Cheryl Gruver of Waimea, HI, John
Gruver of Colorado Springs, CO, David Gruver of Woodbine, IA, Peter (Theresa)
Gruver of Massillon, OH, Mark Gruver and Becky (Mike) Colwell all of
Woodbine, IA, Abby (Eric) Carney of Childers, Australia, and Hank (Heather)
Gruver of Woodbine, IA; 27 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren;
brothers, Halley of Florida, Raymond (Sandra) of Iowa, and James of Arizona.

 Memorials may be directed to Joyful Sounds Ministries.


  1. O. YES YES YES what a Beautiful man of.Yahuwah ELOHEEM! I have approached many beseeching them to sound shofar n walk the streets on behalf of remittances n t healing of t lands but have always been refused. So alone i still sound shofar everyday playing my song for remittance upon nations , specially the Americas n then playing t aaronic blessing , believing even as Henry did n Abba instructing him t always immediately forgive situations asking for multiplied goodnesses unto salvations…so this I do n I still believe we shall see revival n mighty way before tribulation begins. N of this I am thoroughly convinced… SHABBATSHALOM unto.all n may THE GOD OF YISRAEL BLESS N KEEP YOU ALL UNTO THE DAY OF HIS APPEARING , YEAH THAT BLESSED HOPE, amein

  2. Dear family,

    Eight or nine years ago, I read about a man called Henry Gruver. As I read about his surrendered life, all I could think was; what an extraordinary person. Recently, a friend led me to Steve Quayle’s site and his thought provoking books so through following Steve, I was able to listen to Steve’s conversations with Henry. What a gift to all of us to hear about Henry’s life and work with Jesus.

    I never met Henry Gruver, but I cried when I read his obituary. I know I cried for all of us who will miss his stories and his evident rock solid faith.

    Thank you brother Steve for these recordings. Priceless!!

    He fills everything everywhere with Himself–our King Jesus.

  3. A true servant of the Lord who lived and walked with the Holy Spirit directing him. He is a true prophet of our Father God. I was blessed to be at some of his meetings in Montana and met a humble man who had a true sense of humor and walked with his God. You hung on to every word that he shared. He loved God and loved God’s people.

  4. I am so thankful for such an example! Holy is the Lord God Almighty! In these last days, I pray my life will be just an 10th of what Henry’s was!

  5. I thank the LORD for His servant Henry. A true Hebrews 11 saint, of which the world wasn’t worthy.
    Watch the video links on brother Steve’s website and see for yourself. You can feel the Love of Christ radiating off of brother Henry in a most powerful way, as he ministered…
    You are very much missed on this earth brother. I’m sure you are enjoying your great reward from the LORD!!!!

  6. I miss you Henry, your teachings and laughter; rejoice well done good and faithful servant. Enter into My rest.

  7. I am saddened by the news of Dr Gruver’s passing ~His Faith and prophetic Anointing Blessed so many & because he walked the walk and spoke God’s Truth and even though I never met him- In some way I still felt I knew him as a humble loving father. His encouraging words alway seemed to ministered to me very deeply~ He will be sadly missed but, I know He is with The Lord Joyously dancing & Worshiping on the streets of Gold until we also will be united with Y’shua to eternity ~Hallelujah & Amen & AMEN🕊🙏🏼😘♥️

  8. Our loss, but Henry’s gain as he certainly completed his assignments with love and devotion to the Lord and each person he encountered! His presence altered Tuscarawas county Ohio!!

  9. I never had the opportunity to meet you in person in this life, but I’ve been so blessed by your videos and teachings. I’m sure you are walking now those streets of pure gold I long to see one day myself. I do hope to meet you in the kingdom to come…and perhaps walk a little while with you then. Oh, if only more people radiated the joy of the Lord that you did, Henry! You will be missed down here, brother; but enjoy your well-deserved reward up there!

  10. I know Henry, you’ve gone on to a great reward and “well done my good and faithful servant”. Your life is an inspiration as to what can be achieved by someone who’s “average” or “ordinary” if they walk in the light as He is in the light, with Him, and He by His Spirit, enables them to impact the world extraordinarily in ways that their life becomes a testimony of that of someone who 2000 yr after the book of Acts, becomes / became living proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.

  11. Our brother has gone on to glory, and exhorts us to continue while it is day!
    He was the most anointed, godly man I’ve known and I got to spend two hours with him giving him a ride to his next stop, 20 years ago.
    I study his ministry material to this day and am happy for him to finally serve Jesus in the highest place, up there!
    Love and Shalom!
    bro. Royce

  12. Henry Gruver can be named with the previous men and women of prayer and faithfulness…his love for Jesus was evident and I believe though I did not know him personally, Henry loved Jesus with all his heart, his soul, his mind, and his strength.

  13. God bless you Gruver family for sharing your father/ grandfather with us and edifying so many of us in the body of Jesus Christ with his stories of faith , worship , annointing, the power of the Holy Spirit , and authority of Jesus we all have if we believe and exercise it to help grow the kingdom of God !

  14. I have never meant Henry and his wonderful wife. So many preachers falling away from truth and faith. Henry testing what happened when he was with Ron Wyatt. His prayer walking by faith with Gods supplying the need.
    What a man and women of God. Please make sure his messages get to the internet.
    God bless you and keep you.

  15. I supported Henry’s ministries for many months and I would always get a hand written note thanking me for my support. That meant so much to me when I would read “Dearest Patty”. I will miss sending him my offering from the Lord and I will miss him too. Thank you Henry for giving us more faith just by hearing of yours. I know your lovely wife was there to greet you and now you will have an eternity with her without any more traveling! God bless our Henry

  16. Thank you for letting us get to know this wonderful man. We would have never known him without you, Steve. Please keep these videos up here, It takes me a while to watch these, My IPad doesn’t work very well. Thank you so much, may God richly bless you, and send grace and peace to his family. Blessings from Bea.

  17. When I first heard of Henry Gruver on the Hagman & Hagman show around 10 years ago, I knew I needed to know more about him and his adventures with God, I ordered everything on his website; DVD’s, CD’s, and books! When I received the DVD’s, CD’s and books in the mail, I was so happy! My two boys laughed, and said,”it looked like it was Christmas morning opening gifts.”

    Mr. Gruver’s intimate relationship with God helped me to seek a relationship with God, he was a wonderful man, and his voice & presence will be missed on earth.

    To Mr. Gruver’s family, I’m sorry to hear of his passing away. I will keep you in my prayers as you mourn & grieve, blessings!

  18. What a Beautifully Blessed Faith driven life Henry has lived. His testimony did change and add a goal to my faith. So thank you Jesus for an amazing example on how we take take souls out of the enemies hands. A great warrior has gone home to our Lord.

    20 plus year Law Enforcement Veteren
    Patrick Gipsin

  19. I have been continually amazed at GOD’S great grace shown to Henry and through his life! Truly a man with his heart completely loved and possessed by GOD, his amazing stories of GOD’S love for all of HIS creation, all of us that HE specially had HIS SON, JESUS be born into the human family and then carry All of our failures, sins, defiance, etc. upon HIMSELF to the grave – so we could be Adopted Children of our Incredible, Loving, Generous, Heavenly Father! I have tried to download every one of the videos Henry was on over the years that I have known of him. His teaching/preaching style never gets “old” because Almighty GOD was speaking through him. My personal prayer is for me to abandon all the negative and non-helpful things I might say under my own “power & wisdom” and submit myself as completely as I can to let JESUS shine through me to the failing, deceived, dying world. Even though my later days may be short, I’ll be 75 in March, my goal is to be a messenger of GOD’S/JESUS’/and HIS Holy Spirit ‘s LOVE to all the lost in honor and remembrance of Henry and his faithfulness.

  20. Henry, Your life, and willingness to follow Jesus has inspired so many across the globe, and I prayed that Jesus would once again raise you up, if that was His will, but you ran a good race, and finished strong! I only met you twice, but I have great respect for how the Lord used you!

  21. Truly a Man of GOD, A good and faithful servant to our Father. He will be greatly missed, but soon seen by the True Children of GOD.
    Thank you GOD for giving us this teacher!!!

  22. My kids and I love to hear his testimonies – he was such an inspiration to us all. Though we rejoice he is where he has been waiting to be, he will be missed.

  23. Henry Gruver was authentic, loving, devout, enthusiastic and interesting. Henry was filled with the Spirit of God.
    It was a joy to listen to his You Tube videos. Always, it was enrichment in the Lord Jesus to listen to Henry Gruver.
    Heaven has gained a wonderful Saint!

  24. Henry, you are the bridge between Steve Quayle and Ron Wyatt. Thanks be to God that you testified to the composition of the blood of Christ Jesus as recorded in the documents you witnessed. May your voice, over videos, continue to inspire and keep current for all the reality of the Ark of the Covenant and the ten commandments yet to be displayed for all to see. Thank you for your witness to all of the findings of Ron Wyatt. His integrity matches your own! We are blessed to listen to your talks.

  25. Love Henry Gruver too! Henry made a supreme effort shortly before his passing to drive to Colville, WA from Iowa for some meetings and i got the opportunity to speak with him, my blessing.

  26. Henry’s stories brought such a peace to my spirit and filled in gaps where I needed answers that I wasn’t able to previously specify. We know that nothing in the Lord is by accident, and that He aligned us to hear many encouragements and truths through the mouths of men of God such as Henry Gruver. Thank you to his family for sharing him with us and supporting him in his work for the Lord. Thank you to Steve Quayle for taking the time to record those latest interviews with him before his passing. We know he is at home in the arms of his Savior. Praise God!

  27. I never met Henry Gruver but only learned of him through Steve Quayle. He was one of the greatest men of God I have ever listened to. His life was evidence of what your life can be when you put your full faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ. I am saddened to hear of his death and my condolences go out to his family. We have lost a great man and an example for us all.

  28. I have often thought and believed that Henry truly and sincerely walked and lived and demonstrated what the Lord meant for the Church to be. Never doubting ANYTHING that God can do with us, through us and by us. What an inspiration and an honor to have met Henry several times in the past. And let us not forget the work and sacrifice of Judith holding the household down all those years! I know thier reward is huge! Thank you and God bless the Gruver family.

  29. Henry Gruver , a man greatly used by God ! A man with such compassion for Gods people , and such humbleness . A man who feared the Lord , and reverenced his savior in all that he did . No , I never met Henry ! But , I will never forget him . I truly loved listening to him tell of his visions and stories of his travels serving God ! There are very few great men of God , but Henry was one of them . I am just now hearing his passing , and it saddens my heart. Not for henry , but for us ! He will forever be missed by so many . He touched countless lives while on his journey . I am blessed and grateful that I was one of them . I know he is shouting on the streets of glory and seeing our savior , face to face . Well done thou good and faithful servant ! For you have stayed the course and finished the race .My condolences for all of henry’s family and friends . May you all find ,when a tear falls off of your cheek, that a smile comes across your face , when you think of Henry . God bless you all , in Jesus name !

  30. Henry Gruver was a blessing to me and my friends. I loved to listen to his videos and tapes that we ordered from the Prophecy Club in Topeka, Ks. His stories of walking with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his stories of angels helping him in his journeys were so enlightening and joyful to hear, knowing that the Lord had him covered and protected in his many prayer walks. I will greatly miss him even though I never met him in person but in spirit only. One day soon we will all be taken home to heaven to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we will forever be with our loved ones, meeting those great witnesses whom we weren’t able to meet on this earth. I can hardly wait for that day to come. I’ll be 74 this next July. Lord, I pray to be used of you in the days ahead, that my life not be in vain. My heart felt thanks and love to the entire Gruver family. Brother Frank Sebesta

  31. Well, I am like one, coming just too late to the party! I never heard of Henry till about two weeks ago – (it is now 28 January 2020!!) But even though I have had minimal exposure to this man, I can say: “I love you, my brother!” John the baptist said of Jesus: ” I am not worthy to tie up his shoe laces!” This is how I feel about Henry – but more so! Henry has inspired me, and although I am now 66 years old, I am trusting God to do more in my life, so that I may be more fruitful. Aaah, I would like to say so much more! But I’ll leave it at that! To you, his children: I don’t know you guys, but I salute you. What a rich heritage you have! An eternal heritage. God bless you all !!! A. Cottrell. South Africa.

  32. Henry was not only a wonderful brother but my friend. He’s been a friend to each of us. I’ve been blessed to be at his meetings for many years and always looked forward to hearing him share. So much of God’s love and always a big hug. He told about his family, oh how he loves all his family. We would laugh and be filled with joy, feeling the presence of the Lord as we worshiped. I miss my brother. Every year I would get to see him. He made everyone feel loved and special. He loved the lost. Taught us how to prayer walk. I would bring friends to come learn. I’m so glad that one day I get to see him again and laugh and hug and praise our God together and to meet Judith whom he loved so much. I know I shouldn’t feel sad right now but right now it all comes flashing back to me. So many wonderful happenings with Jesus. We were so inspired and encouraged. Henry has been one of my favorite people but you know actually he’s not that far away is he.

    I’m remembering one time in Marysville at the 1st nations meeting, he was late because of traffic and they were asking if someone would like to share their story
    and with encouragement from my friend Faith Michelle, I took the microphone and began telling one of my stories when I went with a group to Russia and another time when I got to go to Poland and how I would bring my little plastic blessing hammer and met the soldiers and blessed them with my hammer, it was all quite
    interesting. I could have got shot but they liked me anyway & there Henry was, I didn’t see him come in, and he laughed and laughed and told me later how he
    likes to tell that story all around the world. I was so glad that I could give him a God story and he had a lot of fun with that. I would always have some
    Jesus stickers to give him and he would put them in his bible and I would walk my duck with the stick and he loved it. I miss my friend. He will be there in heaven to greet all of us one day and we will get to meet Judith. He’s up there rooting us on, cloud of witnesses.

    We are all truly blessed for that opportunity Jesus that You gave us meeting one of your special warriors. Thank You!! So we go forward and keep walking the walk….. To be continued!!! God bless all of Henry and Judith’s children and grandchildren. We didn’t get to meet you but we did get to know you through your father and grandfather. Many hugs and many blessings to each of you!! And God Bless Us Everyone!

  33. I never fully realized the incredible blessings and teachings Henry Gruver brought into my life till I couldn’t call him any more. We Prayer Walked together eleven days over a period of Two years. He stayed at my house nine nights. He was my window into the supernatural. When my life was turning upside down in Texas, Henry called me from the side of the road in Ohio and said ” I heard your cries Brother.” He ministered til his phone ran out of juice. Believers need to learn what he did and use it. It works. I could talk for hours about about the things that happened with Henry.

  34. Henry was not only a wonderful brother but such a good friend. So blessed to be at his meetings. God’s love. He told about his family, oh how he loves all his family. We would laugh. be filled with joy, feeling the presence of the Lord as we worshiped. Everyone felt special. He loved the lost. Henry taught us how to prayer walk. I would bring friends. One day we’ll get to see him again and laugh and hug and praise our God together and meet Judith. Henry has been one of my favorite people and actually he’s not that far away.

    One evening in Marysville at the 1st nations meeting he was late because of traffic and they were asking if someone would like to share their story so I
    with encouragement from a friend, took the microphone and began telling the story of when I went with a group to Russia and would bring my little plastic blessing hammer and met the soldiers and blessed them with my hammer. It was all quite interesting. I could have got shot but they liked it and there Henry was, I didn’t see him come in, and he laughed and laughed and told me later how he likes to tell that story all around the world. I was so glad that I could give him a God story. He had a lot of fun with that. I would always have a Jesus sticker to give him and he would put them in his bible and I would walk my duck with the stick and he loved it. I miss my friend. He will be there in heaven to greet each of us one day. He’s up there rooting us on, cloud of witnesses.

    We are blessed Jesus, meeting Henry, one of Your special warriors. Thank You!! So now we go forward and keep walking the walk….. To be continued!!! God bless all of Henry and Judith’s children and grandchildren. We didn’t get to meet you but we did get to know you through your father and grandfather. Many hugs and many blessings to each of you!! And God Bless Us Everyone!

  35. He was greatly loved and respected as a true man of God. He felt like a dad. God used him to change my life.

  36. I was so inspired by his faith just by watching his interview on Sid Roth and one with Steve Quayle. What a humble and Jesus loving, God fearing soul. May God comfort his family and inspire millions to seek his kingdom.

  37. I am so relieved to hear ALL the positive and glowing tributes about Henry Gruver. Years ago I found a YouTube video of Henry retelling his fantastic story of battling fallen angels in Rome (what??).I was really intrigued and set out to find out more about this man of God.One of the first things that popped up in the Google search was a ‘christian’site that dedicated quite a bit of its content to’exposing’ Henry Gruver. One woman detailed her not receiving her video order from Henry & Co. despite repeated emails and phone calls. His meeting with Ron Wyatt was also discredited with Ron supposedly saying Henry was a drunk and he first approached him penniless in Jerusalem by begging for money!
    Henry’s critics even maligned his family.His kids were drug addicts and in trouble with the law. The site further denounced him as a fraud and a ‘windbag’Yikes.It was just vicious.Thank God for the sentiments expressed here by those who actually knew Henry and attest to his integrity and dedication to he Lord.
    I consider myself a fairly discerning person and these deceptive ‘testamonies’ just didn’t seem to fit with this humble yet unforgettable man.The world is getting darker and I’m beginning to see that the real threat to true Christians is coming from our fellow ‘so called’ christian brothers and sisters.These character assassins who malevolently attempt to tarnish the reputations of those who are truly serving the Lord and making a difference in battling the Satanic realm.Henry,you had them scrambling in defense!
    I started to attend church again about a month ago, only to find out that I won’t be able to attend anymore as Toronto has banned gatherings over 250.Our Prime Minister’s wife has tested positive for Corona virus. Trudeau himself is apparently in self isolation. Strange and prophetic times are upon us.
    Thank you Steve Quayle (not spared of his own detractors) for continuing Henry’s legacy.God is using sites like these to reach many who are searching for truth.

  38. I’ve just learned of Henry’s passing, I just broke down into tears. I was blessed to have met him and shake his hand at Branson MO. when my husband and I went to see everyone and Steve Quayle. His videos, his prayers, everything meant so much to me, in a sense he helped save me. I just know you’re walking with the Lord now Henry. God bless you Henry. God bless everyone that he has touched.

  39. I give thanks to a loving Father God who sent a loving, humble general of the faith to show us what a true faith walk could look like! I saw him speak to a small group in Shreve, Ohio and later near Kidron. The seeds of faith he planted in us there are still bearing fruit and giving testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in many ways. I am still in awe of his testimony with regard to the veracity and integrity of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries in bolstering a soon coming and returning Christ! Thank you, Henry! I also thank the family who, no doubt, endured many sacrifices for the benefit Henry was to the Body of Christ. God bless you! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  40. My interest in Henry Gruver peaked very rapidly when I started reading and watching his presentations and I wanted to attend one of his worshiping performances for myself. I looked up a listing of where he would next, on his website but, to my surprise, all his lectures were cancelled. His wife Judith had just passed away and I know he was devastated. I had hoped that he would be around after he had mourned her passing. I just found out this moment that he had passed away on October 10, 2019. Now I’m devastated. I really hope he knows how much his living and life experiences have changed my life in Jesus Christ. The stories of his prayer walking and genuine love with his lord were and still are exceptionally inspiring. Thank you Henry Gruver!

  41. I just mentioned Mr Gruvers’ name concerning the work he did with Ron Wyatt to find out today that he went on to glory. I am thankful for having heard of this man and his work. He impacted many life’s leaving a great legacy. Thank you Mr Gurver. Love and blessings to his family.

  42. Just learned about Henry Gruver and thank God that he obeyed his calling while walking and praying to the Lord on behalf of those in need of a Savior; Jesus. More importantly, his selflessness through his faith in God, believed for what he needed. Lets us practice that same kind of love and spirit that Henry showed through God’s word and through his faith in Christ.

  43. I was honored to meet this man a number of years ago in Louisville Kentucky at a meeting. His journey on earth was extraordinary! He prayed over me and my husband and laid hands on us. It was an honor to be in his company and I thank God we got to meet him. The stories of his travels and leading people to Christ on his faith walks will always remain with me.

  44. Segui todas sus entrevistas y relatos. Cuando me di cuenta que fallecio me entro una nostalgia tremenda. Me di cuenta que toda su enseñanza y testimonio esta ligado con la enseñanza y testimonio de otros como Ron Wyatt, Steve Qyle, Steven Ben Hur, y muchos otros que predican y testimonian en la misma frecuencia y son la guia para mi en estos momentos de la historia tan decicivos. No cabe duda que el Espiritu Santo nos va señalando el camino en esta epoca tan dificil pero tan alegre porque marca la Venida Triunfal de Nuestro Amaisimo Señor Jesus. Ya habia yo escuchado la entrevista en la cual relata su odisea en los subterraneos de Roma. El lugar donde Pablo fue decapitado y su sangre derramada igual que la Sangre de nuestro Amadisimo Señor. Se me escapo en la primer vez que escuche la entrvista el Manto de PablHo que era lo que custodiaban estos terribles demonios. Henry resato con todo el Poder del Altisimo ese manto para que nos lo pusieramos nosotros y podamos con todo el Poder de Dios enfrentar lo que viene, qu es el demonio con toda su furia. Lo ha iniciado con esta pandemia y quien sabe que venga despues. Los invito a toos a que nos pongamos el manto de Pablo y que continuemos su mision hasta la ultima trompeta que es la Señal del triunfo total de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo.

  45. It was so sad to hear that Henry had passed from earth to the Heavenly realms, but know he will continue to be a great servant in Heaven.
    I really wanted to meet him, as I don’t think I have ever heard of a mere mortal man being able to journey as Henry did winning over all those lost souls, in so many miles while happily praising God, walking in great faith, and going forth honoring the Great Commission.
    Henry described how he had walked in the Spirit, primarily, when his physical body, was not cooperating, due to his age, and the long walks, but he soldiered on, without complaint. Besides Mother Teresa, I have not heard of someone doing such good works as Henry. I heard his stories on both Steve Quayle, and Sid Roth’s shows, and was truly intrigued and inspired by his courage and spiritual strength.
    Thought it was neat how God was able to utilize Henry, as one of his Super Soldiers, as Henry obviously served as a superconducting conduit for the Power of the Holy Spirit. His cheerful demeanor and friendly conversions will be sorely missed.
    Will make sure to visit you on the other side someday, my friend.

  46. I met Henry Gruver in Branson, Missouri in August 2017. His overwhelming joy touched my heart as I watched and listened to him talk to others about the wonderful, powerful name of Jesus. I am sad to learn of his passing, but I know he is with his Heavenly Father shouting glory and praise.

  47. I only just found out about Henry’s home going. First time I saw him was on Sid Roth, and I was so awed by how the LORD used him, that I went around telling everyone to watch it and to look him up on the Internet. I learnt a lot watching his videos. He was such a great story teller kept us in suspense too😊.

    Blessings to the remant of his household and pray that not any of you will be lost
    In JESUS MIGHTY HOLY NAME Amen and Amen and Amen 🙏. I am in Canada.


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