I was blessed to have Henry stay at our home. Just his presence invited peace to come inside. God used Henry mightily to touch all around him and lead the lost back to Jesus. All the stories that he shared in person, on recordings and in books are treasures to us that have them. The knowledge of Prayer Walking is a powerful gift that he gave to all he met. I know there is great rejoicing in heaven now with Henry going home. Our turn to arrive is not yet, we all have work to do and with Henry’s instruction we are better equipped. Thank you God for bringing Henry into our lives for a time! Tina


  1. Henry was a powerful example of what a person can accomplish by truly walking with God. We see Jesus as just God at times but forget that He was fully human as well. Henry lived up to the calling and purpose on his life, leaving behind an amazing family and do many people like myself that were changed by his example. Thank God for sending Henry to this earth to walk out this amazing, anointed, powerful and inspirational life.


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