Beautiful man of God
 Thank you for showing us what walking with Jesus your whole life through
 Yields in spiritual dividends, making us encouraged anew!
 Trusting in His Word and being salt and light in the earth
 a recipient and witness to miracles and traversing the Universe 
 Walking with the gospel as your mantle in uncertain and perilous lands
 Recalling that God gave you a vision of heaven and exploration of the planets 
 and imparted to you prophetic judgments to come
 for America and what lies beneath the Vatican’s streets in Rome
 Flaming holy spirit within you shined the light wherever your feet were placed
 And now your well run finished race...
 Into the arms of Jesus you fly and the host of heaven rejoices in unison 
 As you come face to face with the Holy, Majestic, Righteous King of Glory
 and hear Well Done Henry, my good and faithful servant, Well Done!
 Hallelujah Henry, your name sparkles in the Lamb’s Book of Life!


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